Stone or Football
Mario symbol
User Mama Luigi
Universe Mario

 A Stone or Football is a projectile used by Mama Luigi for his standard special move. Mama Luigi shows off an American football chiseled out of stone. When he is holding the football, his land speed decreases and his falling speed increases. Pressing B again will make Mama Luigi throw the football. Stone or Football is unique among other projectiles; the thrown ball drags the opponent until it explodes by collision or time. The ball can even hurt opponents during the throwing process, dealing 8% damage to opponents behind him. The ball itself deals 13%, with the fragments dealing 5%, for a total of 18% damage. It is a powerful projectile, but it has a lot of lag on startup, giving characters with reflectors time to deflect the ball.

Origin Edit


This move originates from the Super Mario World cartoon episode "The Yoshi Shuffle". At the beginning, Luigi and Yoshi run up to Mario to show off Luigi's new chiseled football, which Mario calls a stone and that "[he] didn't make it". Luigi then corrects him and throws him a pass. The ball is appropiately "official size, but not official weight".

Gallery Edit

Standard special move Stone or Football
Side special move Maternal Sleep
Up special move Magic Balloon
Down special move Fire Sumo
Final Smash Secret Weapon

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