Stupidity Ray
Stupidity Ray
Sonic symbol
User Dr. Robotnik
Universe Sonic

Stupidity Ray is Dr. Robotnik's up special move.

Description Edit

Robotnik, while inexplicably dressed up as Rambo, fires his Stupidity Ray downward, causing him to hover upwards. The hovering can last up to 1.15 seconds, though pressing B will stop it earlier. The beam can deal 10% damage to opponents below him. This attack travels a high vertical distance, but with no horizontal movement. It also travels slow, and it provides Robotnik no protection on the top and the rear, making him vulnerable to being gimped. Despite the move's name, the Stupidity Ray does not make opponents stupid.

Origin Edit

The Stupid Ray

The Stupidity Ray comes from the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode "Attack on Pinball Fortress", where Dr. Robotnik uses it to turn the citizens of Mobius too stupid to oppose him, if the victim hit by the beam is not already a dimwit like Scratch & Grounder.

Gallery Edit

Standard special move Laser Aim
Side special move Burning Boost
Up special move Stupidity Ray
Down special move Vacuum Abductor
Final Smash PINGAS

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