Super Mecha Death Christ
Super Mecha Death Christ
AVGN symbol
User Angry Video Game Nerd
Universe Angry Video Game Nerd
Type ???
Effect ???

Super Mecha Death Christ (incorrectly spelled as Super Mega Death Christ on the video) is the AVGN's Final Smash.

Description Edit

The Nerd flips the bird with both of his hands while shouting "Super Mecha Death Christ!" and summons the titular Death Christ. The opening explosion deals 23% damage. When the Final Smash is active, the player can use the control stick to move. Pressing B will make the SMDC shout "FUCKERS!", dealing 17% damage and stunning enemies, pressing A will fire on both sides and deal 32%, and pressing up + B will fire homing missiles that deal 15%. The SMDC can perform these moves while moving or flying. Should the SMDC self-destruct, it won't affect the Nerd's stocks. After the SD or waiting 18 seconds, the Nerd reappears at the spot where he started the Final Smash.

Origin Edit

The Super Mecha Death Christ is a semi-recurring character of The Angry Video Game Nerd. He first appears in the Nerd's Super Mario Bros. 3 review to aid the Nerd in destroying the possessed cartridge, and has since made a few appearances in other videos.

Gallery Edit

Standard special move F-Bomb
Side special move Pens
Up special move Nintenerd
Down special move Power Glove
Final Smash Super Mecha Death Christ

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