The Big Shake
Big shake
Mega Man symbol
User Dr. Wily
Universe Mega Man

The Big Shake is Dr. Wily's down special move.

Description Edit

Dr. Wily uses a hydraulic press at the bottom of his Wily Capsule to stomp the ground, causing a small earthquake. Depending on the opponents' proximity to Wily, this attack can deal anywhere from 5%-20% damage, and directly landing on enemies can deal around 25%. Standing on a different platform deals 10% max. After using this attack, Wily has a 3 second cooldown before he can perform this move again. DreaMachine is immune to this attack.

Origin Edit

The move originates from a Mega Man cartoon episode, also titled "The Big Shake". In this episode, Dr. Wily and his Robot Masters use a drilling vehicle to cause earthquakes in New York.

Gallery Edit

Standard special move Electric Nightmare
Side special move Mega Pinocchio
Up special move DreaMachine
Down special move The Big Shake
Final Smash The Moon Out of its Orbit

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