Ufologists 2
Description Another life form has appeared to shred the photo! YOU B*TCHES!
Character Jaime Maussan (1 stock)
Opponent(s) Tommy Wiseau (1 stock)
Nicolas Cage (1 stock)
Ally(ies) Haruhi (1 stock)
Stage Otro Rollo
Ufologists 2

Ufologists 2 is an event match in Smash Bros. Lawl.


This event is a sequel to the first Ufologists. In it, Tommy Wiseau returns, this time with the aid of Nicolas Cage. Instead of controlling Haruhi, the player controls Jaime Maussan, with Haruhi as the CPU-controlled ally. As with the first Ufologists event, Haruhi must perform Photo Rape on Wiseau while trying to KO both Wiseau and Cage. The event results in a loss if Haruhi loses Wiseau's photo in any way; therefore, Maussan must prevent that from happening.

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