Wiseau Films
User Tommy Wiseau
Universe Wiseau Films

Untouchable is Tommy Wiseau's standard special move.

Description Edit

Tommy Wiseau shouts "Don't touch me motherfucker!" while holding his arms in front of his face. In this state, all attacks done to Wiseau will deal the same amount of damage to the attacker. While countering, the player can use the control stick to throw the countered opponent up or down. This also reflects projectiles.

Origin Edit

During the climax of The Room, Wiseau's character Johnny gets into a fight with Mark upon hearing that Lisa was cheating on him. When Mark tries to comfort Johnny, he responds by shoving him while dully uttering the above lines.

Gallery Edit

Standard special move Untouchable
Side special move Bottle Drop
Up special move Footoss
Down special move Record Everything
Final Smash Footux

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