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  • MikeyO11

    New Moveset Idea

    June 8, 2014 by MikeyO11

    Hey guys. Now I know the blogs in this wiki are used less than Google+, but I just want to get this out. Now, if you are wondering about SBLR, my computer has crashed AGAIN, and the links that originally gave me Sony Vegas won't work anymore, so SBLR MIGHT be cancelled (the keyword being MIGHT).

    Now, while looking through DeviantArt, I found this guy named NewerAOutlaw. He does these pictures of a fake game which is basically Marvel Vs Capcom 3 with Nickelodeon characters. It's really awesome, and you should totally check it out.

    One of his pictures inspired the idea for a new Lawl character: JACK SKELLINGTON.

    Now, you may be saying, "But Serv! Chin doesn't want anymore YTP characters!" However, I just want to get this idea out if I have to c…

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  • MikeyO11

    My ideas for Rivals

    September 28, 2013 by MikeyO11

    Since Lawl is almost complete, here is a list of who I think would be rivals.

    The King/IM Meen (Has already been confirmed)

    AVGN/Nostalgia Critic (duh)

    Leonidas/Mama Luigi (I ran out of choices XD)

    Haruhi/Jamie Maussan (You beat Classic with Haruhi to unlock Maussan, so why not?)

    Dr. Robotnik/Toon Wily (Both cartoon crazy scientists)

    Frollo/Gaston (It's going to happen. Just know it.)

    Billy Mays/Hank Hill (They are both salesmen.)

    Toon Guile/Toon Bison (OF COURSE!)

    Hitler/Aya Drevis (He wants to put her in a concentration camp, or something. Plus they're both German.)

    Don Ramon/New Hercules (I DANT KNAAW! *throws iPad on the ground*)

    Panty & Stocking/Scanty & Kneesocks (duh)

    Nicholas Cage/Tommy Wiseau (Both hilarious actors.)

    Irate Gamer/Best Hercules …

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