Since Lawl is almost complete, here is a list of who I think would be rivals.

The King/IM Meen (Has already been confirmed)

AVGN/Nostalgia Critic (duh)

Leonidas/Mama Luigi (I ran out of choices XD)

Haruhi/Jamie Maussan (You beat Classic with Haruhi to unlock Maussan, so why not?)

Dr. Robotnik/Toon Wily (Both cartoon crazy scientists)

Frollo/Gaston (It's going to happen. Just know it.)

Billy Mays/Hank Hill (They are both salesmen.)

Toon Guile/Toon Bison (OF COURSE!)

Hitler/Aya Drevis (He wants to put her in a concentration camp, or something. Plus they're both German.)

Don Ramon/New Hercules (I DANT KNAAW! *throws iPad on the ground*)

Panty & Stocking/Scanty & Kneesocks (duh)

Nicholas Cage/Tommy Wiseau (Both hilarious actors.)

Irate Gamer/Best Hercules (OH YEAH YA THINK?!!?!)

Madotsuki/Yomika (Has already been confirmed)

Ib/Carlos Trejo (They both experience supernatural occurrences.)

Zoolander/Weird Al (Two weird & akward characters, and my two favorite Lawl characters!)

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