Vacuum Adbuctor
Vacuum Abductor
Sonic symbol
User Dr. Robotnik
Universe Sonic

Vacuum Abductor is Dr. Robotnik's down special move.

Description Edit

Robotnik uses the Eggmobile's bottom fire exhaust to vacuum up opponents for 2.01 seconds. He can absorb as many enemies as the player wishes. If he successfully absorbs at least one opponent, Robotnik will enter a "shooting pose" that can be tilted in any direction with the control stick. Pressing A will fire the captured enemies and deliver 10% damage, but the enemies can escape if Robotnik takes too long to shoot.

In the Subspace Emissary, Robotnik uses this move an odd number of times. He uses it to vacuum up some Shadow Bugs and Mama Luigi's trophy in Sparta, and later King Harkinian's trophy in Lost Woods.

Origin Edit

There is no real origin for the Vacuum Abductor, but it seems to take inspiration from the Eggmobile's gadgets in The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog.

Gallery Edit

Standard special move Laser Aim
Side special move Burning Boost
Up special move Stupidity Ray
Down special move Vacuum Abductor
Final Smash PINGAS

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