Veins of Fury
User Mary
Universe Ib

Veins of Fury is Mary's standard special move.

Description Edit

When pressing B, Mary charges up a slash with her palette knife, with a vein that she follows if the tip connects with an opponent. The vein can be launched in 8 directions via the control stick. The longer the vein when it connects, the more damage this attack deals. This attack can be performed on the ground or in the air, and Mary is immune to damage or traps while dashing through a connection. As this attack is considered a grab, the vein's tip can't be shielded and must be dodged.

Damage amount Edit

Vein length Damage
Short 5%
Mid 10%
Max (frame perfect) 30%

Origin Edit

In the Sketchbook World, when Ib (and Garry, depending on the player's actions) discovers the room that houses Mary's painting in the Toy Box, Mary catches sight of the player trespassing. Outraged, she pulls out her palette knife and jagged veins spread from her feet.

Gallery Edit

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