A victory theme, also known as fanfare or flourish, is a short excerpt from a song that plays whenever a Versus match is won.

List of victory themes Edit

Universe Character(s) Description Audio
The Legend of Zelda Zelda symbol King Harkinian A flourished remix directly from Brawl and Smash 4. It is a remix of the tune that plays when Link obtains a Triforce piece in The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System.
Zelda Victory
I.M. Meen IM Meen I.M. Meen The opening jingle for the Simon & Schuster intro animation, the company that made I.M. Meen.
I.M. Meen Victory
300 N/A Leonidas A small portion of "Fever Dream" from 300. N/A
That Guy with the Glasses NostalgiaCritic Nostalgia Critic A small excerpt of Luigi Boccherini's "Minuetto", which plays during the intro of Bum Reviews. N/A
Wiseau Films Wiseau Films Tommy Wiseau A few notes of The Room's main theme. N/A
Yume Nikki Yume Nikki Symbol Madotsuki

Madotsuki's: A jingle based on the Save Screen Song from Yume Nikki.

Yomika's: The title screen theme of Dream Graffiti.

Angry Video Game Nerd AVGN symbol AVGN An 8-bit rendition of the AVGN theme. N/A
Mario Mario symbol Mama Luigi The theme of the Super Mario World title card which is used for the "Mama Luigi" episode. N/A
Sonic Sonic symbol Dr. Robotnik Robotnik's theme from The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog. N/A
The Irate Gamer N/A The Bores N/A N/A
Disney Disney Frollo
Frollo's: The ending portion of an instrumental version of Hellfire from Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Gaston's: The last lines of the "Gaston" from Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

Downfall Downfall symbol Hitler N/A
Downfall Victory
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt N/A Panty & Stocking
Scanty & Kneesocks
Panty & Stocking's: The last notes of "Theme of Panty and Stocking".

Scanty & Kneesocks': The last notes of "I Want You".

Infomercials N/A Billy Mays N/A
OxiClean Victory
Street Fighter StreetFighterSymbol Guile

Guile's: The end credits of the Street Fighter animated series.

Bison's: The jingle that plays during the "YES! YES!" scene, which is actually a remix of Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor".

Street Fighter Cartoon Victory

Street Fighter Cartoon 2 Victory

Ib's: The ending part of "Memory".

Mary's: The beginning part of Mary's leitmotif, "Puppet".

King of the Hill N/A Hank Hill The end portion of the King of the Hill theme. N/A
Nicolas Cage N/A Nicolas Cage N/A
Nicolas Cage Victory
THE BEST HERCULES MOVIE EVER N/A Best Hercules Based on the main theme of his movie.
Tercer Milenio N/A Jaime Maussan N/A
Otro Rollo Victory
El Chavo del Ocho N/A Don Ramon The last notes of Jean Jacques Perrey's "The Elephant Never Forgets", the theme song of El Chavo del Ocho. N/A
Mega Man Mega Man symbol Dr. Wily A jingle taken from the 2nd episode from the Mega Man cartoon. N/A
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya symbol Haruhi The ending portion of "Oi Oi" from the anime soundtrack.
Haruhi Victory
Zoolander N/A Zoolander An excerpt of "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go". N/A
Arnold Schwarzenegger N/A New Hercules N/A N/A
Mad Father N/A Aya The beginning part of "Memory - Starry Promenade". N/A
Cazafantasmas N/A Carlos Trejo N/A
Cazafantasmas Victory
Al TV N/A Weird Al N/A N/A
Spider-Man Spider-Man symbol J. Jonah Jameson N/A
Spider-Man Victory
Metal Gear Metal Gear (lawl version) symbol Codec Snake An 8-bit redintion of his Brawl victory theme, in which he quotes in time for the jingle.
Metal Gear Victory
Darkstalkers N/A Pyron N/A N/A

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