Yume Nikki Symbol
User Madotsuki
Universe Yume Nikki

Witch is Madotsuki's up special move. Madotsuki will use the Witch effect, gaining a speed boost upwards. When ascending while airborne, she will gradually lose speed, and when descending, she will gradually gain speed. The amount of damage and knockback this move deals depends on how much speed Madotsuki has gained during her flight. This attack can be canceled by pressing A or B, by getting hit, by crashing into a wall, or by losing enough speed. With the exception of getting hit, they will make Madotsuki helpless at the end.

Origin Edit

Witch is one of the 24 effects in Yume Nikki. It can be found by interacting with the Kimajo on the Witch's Island. When pressing the 1 key, Madotsuki will ride on a hovering broom, which is the key to an event found in the Mall.


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