You're Fired!
Spider-Man symbol
User J. Jonah Jameson
Universe Spider-Man

You're Fired! is J. Jonah Jameson's side special move.

Description Edit

Using this attack, Jameson will pull out a combustible lemon. Pressing B will make him throw it forward, and pressing A will make him throw it in an arc. Normal opponents hit by a lemon will take 10% damage, and bystanders will take minimal damage. Hired opponents will take 20% damage. If a hired opponent is holding a camera, they take 30% damage. After the hired opponent is fired, they lose the camera, and rehires are reset to 0 (meaning if they are rehired once more, they will start healing by 5% (or 10% for those in the Top 12 ego) regardless of how many times they were rehired).

Origin Edit

The move originates from Jameson's frequency to hire and fire his Daily Bugle employees. In the second Spider-Man film, Jameson fires and rehires Peter Parker in the span of three seconds. The combustible lemon part comes from Cave Johnson's famous rant of the "When life gives you lemons" trope from Portal 2. These two elements are combined into one due to JK Simmons portraying both Jameson and Cave Johnson.

Gallery Edit

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Side special move You're Fired!
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