You're Hired!
Spider-Man symbol
User J. Jonah Jameson
Universe Spider-Man

You're Hired! is J. Jonah Jameson's standard special move.

Description Edit

Jameson will hire an opponent and give them a camera, which will replace any item they are holding. When the hired opponent has a camera, all A button attacks are disabled, and they are limited to taking pictures. This does not have an effect on special moves or grabs. When A is pressed to snap a picture, a photo is released. The photos are color-coded by the order they appear: red, blue, yellow, green, and purple. The opponent can only liberate the camera when they have taken all five photos or if Jameson fires them. Even if the camera is liberated through the first method, they are still hired. Jameson can rehire the opponent, making them develop confidence, healing any damage. The amount of damage healed per rehire will increase by multiples of 5 (5% the first, 10% the second, 15% the third, etc.). If a character is in the Top 12 Ego, they will start healing by 10% instead, then 15% the second rehire, and so on.

When Jameson steps on a photo, he will review it. The opponent will be affected by the review anywhere on the stage. The effects depend on the nearest thing that was in the radius of the camera flash:

  • An item or nothing will give the photographer 1% damage and stun them.
  • A passive opponent will inflict the photographer 10% damage with a trip.
  • An attacking opponent will heal the photographer by 15%.
  • An Assist Trophy (character) will heal the photographer by 20%.
  • A horniness attack will heal the photographer by 30% and stun Jameson.
  • A Final Smash will heal the photographer by 100%.
  • Any good photo (excluding horniness) reviewed by Jameson when the photographer is on The Front Page will deal 2% damage to the photographer with a trip.

When Jameson is close to a photographer, B can be pressed to steal the camera for himself, with the photo capacity staying as it was. Photos taken by Jameson will go to his pocket, keeping the latest 5. Taken photos are used for The Front Page.

Nicolas Cage can use Unmasker and Dr. Wily can use Electric Nightmare to remove the photos. If they're disposed by these methods, they trigger the firing of everyone on the stage.

Origin Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • This is the first, and so far only, move that uses the Ego stat.

Standard special move You're Hired!
Side special move You're Fired!
Up special move Interview with the Goblin
Down special move The Front Page
Final Smash Interdimensional Journalism

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